ISP Detection Updates


Updated detections for:

Major System Improvement


We updated our architecture yesterday with some major improvements! After many iterations and various approaches to reducing the processing overhead while maintaining the same accuracy, we've come to a solution that we are extremely excited about. Our new detection methods are approximately 10x faster than the old system which means we now have so much room for acitivites. We'll immediately be putting energy towards crawling a larger part of the web and releasing a chrome browser extension.


Our old system hasn't been completely replaced and still serves as our back-up detection algorithm should the new system fail to make a confident detection. Currently, approximately 89% of the detection requests are being fulfilled with our new system, almost 11% fulfilled by our old system and less than 1% finishes without a detection (who out there is trying to find the hosting provider of


API Access

The new Who-Hosts-This API is now live. We're piggy backing on the API of our partner site which has allowed us to release this new feature quickly. It also gives users of either site more: 2 APIs in 1. Sign up now if you don't already have an account.

New Algorithm


Our new and improved detection algorithm is now live! The new algorithm is faster than the old one and you'll see better and more consistent results.

Also, now that we have the algorithm hammered out, we can move on to the next step in the development process: API access!

New Detection Methods

Our new detection methods are almost ready to go live. The database has been installed, most of the data has been collected and we're just fine tuning a few things before launching the improved detections. Stay tuned!

Detection Improvements

We've been investing a lot of time in our hosting provider detection and seeing some very good initial results. We're currently gather more routing data for better results and optimizing our detection methods to get faster results.