MediaServicePlus LLC

Hosting provider NTX provides: virtual hosting, VPS, server rental, server placement (colocation), software licenses, etc.

Detection Rating: 1,298 out of 21,321

Market Share: 0.003%

Technology Profile

Summary of technologies used by websites hosted on MediaServicePlus LLC

Showing rows 1 - 10 | ~508 websites  
DomainAlexa RankTop Level DomainLast Crawled
jump-path1.com20,000 - 29,999Commercial (.com)10 months agoView URLs
redirect-path1.com20,000 - 29,999Commercial (.com)10 months agoView URLs
allforchildren.ru20,000 - 29,999Russia (.ru)8 months agoView URLs
pfrp.ru90,000 - 99,999Russia (.ru)4 months agoView URLs
rusplt.ru90,000 - 99,999Russia (.ru)2 months agoView URLs
oneclickmoney.ru100,000 - 199,999Russia (.ru)1 month agoView URLs
sklonenie-slova.ru100,000 - 199,999Russia (.ru)8 months agoView URLs
filestore.to100,000 - 199,999Tonga (.to)8 months agoView URLs
asurso63.ru100,000 - 199,999Russia (.ru)4 months agoView URLs
thebirds.ru100,000 - 199,999Russia (.ru)10 months agoView URLs
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Market Share By Site Popularity

With a 0.02 percentage point decrease since 2021-07-18, the detection rating for MediaServicePlus LLC has fallen the most amongst Very Popular Sites.

Alexa RankWebsitesMarket ShareMarket Share Change
Most Popular Sites < 1,000n/an/a0%
Very Popular Sites < 10,000n/an/a -100%
Popular Sites < 100,00050.005% -58.33%
Less Popular Sites < 1,000,000860.009% -18.18%
All Sites5080.003% -25%

Market Share History

This chart shows the history of detected websites using MediaServicePlus LLC.  
In the last 6 months, market share has decreased 25.00% from 0.004% to 0.003%