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REG.RU Russian hosting provider and domain registrar ️ Domains ️ Hosting sites and DNS servers ️ Cloud VDS / VPS ️ Dedicated servers for rent ️ Website builder and CMS ️ Selling SSL certificates ️ Mail for domains


Detection Rating: 47 out of 21,785

Market Share: 0.221%

Alias: Domain names registrar REG.RU, Ltd

Technology Profile

Summary of technologies used by websites hosted on REG.RU

Showing rows 1 - 10 | ~37,348 websites  
DomainTraffic RankTop Level DomainLast Crawled
reg.ru2,000 - 2,999Russia (.ru)4 days agoView URLs
banki.ru6,000 - 6,999Russia (.ru)6 days agoView URLs
livemaster.ru8,000 - 8,999Russia (.ru)6 days agoView URLs
cnews.ru10,000 - 19,999Russia (.ru)2 weeks agoView URLs
2domains.ru10,000 - 19,999Russia (.ru)3 weeks agoView URLs
blizko.ru10,000 - 19,999Russia (.ru)5 days agoView URLs
multitran.com10,000 - 19,999Commercial (.com)3 weeks agoView URLs
sinonim.org10,000 - 19,999Organization (.org)1 month agoView URLs
2captcha.com20,000 - 29,999Commercial (.com)3 weeks agoView URLs
me.fo20,000 - 29,999Faroe Islands (.fo)3 months agoView URLs
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Market Share

The market share for REG.RU decreased by 0.038 percentage points (from 0.259% to 0.221%) for all sites, more than any other segment during the same period of time.

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% Changen/a
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